The Old Adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words . . .”

Nothing is more accurate when it comes to selling real estate. High-quality listing photos make a significant difference in a potential buyer’s first impression, the final sales price, and an agent’s ability to stand out from the competition.


Agents Are Hired To Sell Homes

Not take photos, and must constantly focus on serving clients while simultaneously trying to grow their business. Consider the reasons below when you are making a decision whether or not to hire a professional photographer.

Positive First Impressions

An agent has only one chance to make a first impression – only two seconds to capture a potential buyer’s attention without a photograph, and perhaps 20 seconds with a photograph. Non-professional snapshots taken with an iPhone or a point-and-shoot camera will not make the best use of those valuable seconds.

Quality Photographs Attract More Attention

​Most potential buyers start their home search on the Internet.

Over 90% of all homebuyers use the internet to research houses and find the home they end up purchasing before ever seeing it in person.

The first thing buyers overwhelmingly review in an online listing are the photographs.

Most Internet home shoppers won’t even look at a listing without photographs and will quickly pass over listings with bad ones.

Higher Sales Price Potential

Homes photographed by a professional photographer have been proven to sell for more than homes photographed by an amateur, and garner over 60% more online views. This is a great selling point that agents can use as part of their marketing strategy.

Less Time On The Market

Homes photographed by a professional photographer are more likely to sell – and sell faster – than homes with point-and-shoot images.

Triggering Emotions

For most buyers, emotion is roughly 80% of the buying decision. So the key to achieving great results is to create excitement – make the buyers dream of  living in that home by triggering an emotional response.

If potential buyers perusing the internet are excited by a photograph, they will click through to the agent’s website. If they don’t, they will move on to view the next result in the search list and the opportunity to capture that buyer’s attention is lost forever.

Higher Quality Results

There is an art to good photography. Skilled professionals have made an investment in the time and equipment necessary to produce high-quality photographs. They understand how to use composition, color, and light to make their images more appealing.

Your Professional Image And Success

Agents who have a beautiful portfolio of previous listing photos may be viewed as more professional, resulting in additional listings.




                                                                       When a thousand words are not enough- call us!